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CHIKE electromagnetic frying equipment delivery, loading and delivery

2021-04-30 Browse times: 2

Xu Changzhi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sent to Chongqing, Xinjiang, Guangxi and other places of the electromagnetic roasting equipment has been completed loading and shipping, electromagnetic roasting equipment has been through the staff of strict quality inspection, test operation, exquisite packaging


Electromagnetic stir-fry machine stir-fry grains, dried fruits, nuts, puffed food and snack food, the degree of automation is very high, the use of electromagnetic induction pot body direct heating, heating fast, high temperature, edible salt and other media can not out of the pot cycle stir-fry, avoid the heat loss, energy saving and environmental protection;

Powerfully intelligent temperature control system, accurate temperature control, frying process in the pot temperature is always consistent, save time, labor and labor, built-in frequency conversion regulator, temperature, speed, firepower size, can be adjusted at will, simple operation and fast, suitable for all kinds of materials frying.



+86 15893717199