DCCT12-16 Sunflower seeds roasting machine


Function of sunflower seeds roasting machine:

The machine mainly use to dry, roast and polish sunflower seeds, black sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds. Can be used in sunflower seeds production factory and food processing factory.

The capacity:150-300 kg/time, good color and good taste, special to original taste sunflower seeds.

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Technical parameters:

Model Capacity Heating power Motor power Voltage Overall size(mm) Size of Roller(mm)
DCCT 12-16 Single 150 kg 6-48 KW 3 KW 380 V 2300x1540x2200 1200X1600


Roast sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds:




 Advantage of sunflower seeds roasting machine:

1.Electromagnetic heating, energy saving and environmental protection, no pollution, zero emission.
2.The maximum temperature can reach 400 degrees centigrade, automatic control temperature and automatic heating.
3.8 heating grades, you can adjust heating power as your needs to control how well the seeds are roasted, so that the roasted sunflower seeds for different usage.
4.Automatically detect the temperature. The sensor is directly installed in the pan, and the temperature in the pot is detected at any time. The precision is high.
5.Fault alarm system. Once there is a failure, the operation screen will show fault code, and the technician can quickly judge the cause of the fault according to the code, so as to facilitate maintenance.


Product: DCCT12-16 Sunflower seeds roasting machine