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roasting processing and baking red skin peanuts good customer, successful case

2021-10-25 Browse times: 534

Guangxi Sitian Fangcheng branch shares production line for roasting processing and baking red skin peanuts (selenium rich peanuts). 

  1. 1. loading peanuts into DCCZ7-15 roasting machine from Chike machinery. One time could load 120kg peanut for roasting .


  2. 2. Setting up roasting data and start roasting. Intelligent control box could well handle this. And there is view window on cover to check color when roasting. Reaching aim temperature, it will stop heating automaticly.   


  3. 3. Trun on anticlockwize rotation for unloading. Unloading peanut on cooling tray with fan, so could cool peanut efficiencily. 

  4. 4. Then will wait for packing. 

  5. 5. Customer's finishing room


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