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Electromagnetic fried flour assembly line sent to Liaoning

2024-05-23 Browse times: 286

On May 22, Chike Machinery automatic assembly line fried flour machine after the staff's debugging, loading and shipping Liaoning, thank Liaoning customers for choosing

Chike Machinery electromagnetic fried flour equipment!


Chike Machinery Research and development production of electromagnetic assembly line Fried goods equipment, is Fried all kinds of material multi-function assembly line equipment, high degree of automation, one person can operate several assembly line equipment, intelligent temperature control system, temperature control, accurate, save time and labor save artificial, at the same time it use electromagnetic induction pot directly heating, cycle, avoid the heat loss, energy conservation, environmental protection, heating fast, built-in frequency conversion regulator, temperature, speed, fire size, all can be adjusted, easy to operate, is the ideal choice for your batch Fried powder.


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+86 15893717199