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Customer on-site fixed machine electromagnetic wok

2024-06-06 Browse times: 61

On June 5,2024, the sun was scorching, the breeze came slowly, and the company was immersed in the enthusiastic work. The town of Xianning, Hubei province always traveled thousands of miles to Chike Machinery to investigate the company's multi-functional electromagnetic frying equipment.Domestic trade meng manager warm reception, to customers in detail the multi-function electromagnetic fry machine working principle and main characteristics, field debugging multi-function electromagnetic fry machine, test making all kinds of materials, making material aspects whether reached the customer demand, the customer test effect is quite satisfied, the two sides talk, reach cooperation intention, the scene signed the machine contract, order multi-function electromagnetic fry machine.


Chike Machinery Is a food machinery research and development, production, sales and import and export trade of high and new technology private enterprises, the company research and development of electromagnetic induction Fried equipment, with its "energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent temperature control" characteristics, harvest the numerous customer recognition and praise at home and abroad, the equipment using electromagnetic induction heating, heating fast, high temperature, safety and energy saving, low carbon environmental protection.Using the composite roller pot body, fry evenly, high thermal efficiency, good thermal insulation effect.Built-in intelligent temperature control system, the temperature control in the pot is accurate, uniform heating, reach the specified temperature automatically stop heating, and ring the bell to remind, to prevent the old, frying process can be separated from man and machine, save time, electricity and labor.Humanized design, fool operation, a look; fault self-diagnosis, code display, simple and convenient, food grade stainless steel shell and inner pot, clean and clean, acid, heat and corrosion resistance, in line with GMP standards, is your fried dried fruit, nuts, snack food, puffed food, oil crops, condiments and other materials.


Craftsmanship cast boutique, the strength to build a brand.High-quality products, sincere service, so that every customer is satisfied, is our continuous pursuit.Thank the town manager for the support and love of Chike Machinery, look forward to our move forward hand in hand, win-win side by side.I wish you all the best, a prosperous business and good fortune.


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