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Jiangxi customer test machine order 200 jin sesame wok

2024-06-20 Browse times: 233

On June 18,2024, Jiangxi customers visit Chike Machinery inspection test machine, The customer brings his own sesame preparation for field test machine, Business Manager leads clients around the size and facilities of the plant, The heating principle and performance characteristics of Xuchang machine are introduced in detail, The two sides discussed the frying process of frying sesame oil in detail, According to the customer'of customers, on-site debugging of the frying parameters of DCCZ 7-15 electromagnetic frying machine, The machine can be a pot to fry the oil grinding sesame 200 jin, The fried sesame seeds are full, High oil yield, The customer was very satisfied with the test results, The two sides have reached a cooperation, Sign the purchase contract.



Chike Machinery Production and development of the multi-functional electromagnetic frying machine is a new type of environment-friendly frying equipment, it uses electromagnetic heating, the temperature can reach four baidu, can fry a variety of dried fruit, nuts, puffed food, snack food, oil crops, condiments, and other raw materials!Heating fast, high temperature, electromagnetic induction heating energy saving and environmental protection, composite pot, multilayer insulation, heat preservation effect is good, high thermal efficiency, avoid heat loss, save time save electricity save artificial, humanized design, fault self-diagnosis, code shows, convenient, intelligent temperature control system, temperature control accurate to ± 1 degrees, reach the specified temperature automatically stop heating and ring the bell to remind, prevention of Fried paste, Fried old, Fried in the process of man-machine separation, low technical requirements for Fried personnel, greatly save the artificial!Electromagnetic frying machine using food grade stainless steel carefully built, clean and clean, acid, heat and corrosion resistance, is a mature ideal environmental protection frying industry.


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