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8 meters fried goods assembly line loading and delivery

2024-06-26 Browse times: 225

On June 25,2024, Guangxi customer order 8 m full line electromagnetic Fried equipment loading delivery, used for Fried cashew, Xuchang wisdom electromagnetic line Fried machine Fried cashew crispy delicious, the customer of equipment saving artificial and frying effect and production are very satisfied, Chike machinery Fried machine Fried cashew already very mature, got the favor of the broad masses of customers, the set of equipment Fried cashew effect customer very satisfied, save artificial, Fried efficient, energy saving and environmental protection!


Chike machinery Electromagnetic frying equipment is made of stainless steel material, in line with the environmental and health production standards, the electromagnetic frying machine using electromagnetic heating, direct heating of the pot, safe and reliable, accurate temperature control, electromagnetic service life can reach permanent.The carbon emission of the operating environment is zero, the maximum temperature of the wok can be set 400 degrees, the product has the characteristics of high degree of automation, intelligent temperature control, low loss, no pollution, labor and other characteristics, since the product was put on the market, selling at home and abroad, and won the unanimous recognition and high evaluation of customers!The device can make products according to the needs of users, provide customized services to meet the needs of users, and provide users with an integrated assembly line electromagnetic frying equipment personalized design scheme.


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