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Multiple fully automatic depilation machines were sent to Hebei

2024-07-04 Browse times: 177

On July 1,2024, early in the morning, the Chike Machinery forklift driver was very busy. He skillfully put a number of fully automatic hair removal machines on the truck. This fully automatic hair removal machine will be sent to Hebei. Please wait patiently, and the machine will arrive at your side immediately.


Chike Machinery The production of automatic poultry depilation machine can be used for chicken, duck, pigeon and rabbit products depilation processing, the machine uses stainless steel to create clean health, automatic depilation, depilation rate as high as 98%, high degree of automation, can be processed dozens of, high efficiency, the use of electric heating energy saving and environmental protection!The equipment is all made of stainless steel material, unique design, advanced technology, smooth operation, simple operation; low noise, flexible and convenient adjustment.Can be a multi-purpose machine, easy to clean up.Suitable for the canteen, restaurant and pasta processing workshop, is to replace the manual, reduce labor intensity, to meet the majority of the people's food and beverage hygiene requirements of the ideal equipment.

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+86 15893717199