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Yunnan customer inspection of fried Tartary buckwheat assembly line

2024-05-22 Browse times: 412

On May 22, Yunnan customers drove thousands of miles to visit Chike Machinery inspection test machine, customers bring their own material test machine Chike Machinery2 rice complete set of assembly line electromagnetic frying machine fried Tartary buckwheat!The company has reached a perennial equipment supply cooperation with a well-known Tartary buckwheat tea manufacturer in Yunnan, here also welcome customers all over the country to the factory to test the assembly line fried Tartary buckwheat equipment!


Chike Machinery Electromagnetic frying equipment uses electromagnetic induction heating, fast heating, high temperature, safety and energy saving, low carbon environmental protection, pot temperature control is accurate, uniform heating, reach the specified temperature automatically stop heating and bell to remind, prevent frying frying old, frying process can be man-machine separation, save time, electricity and labor.Humanized design, fool type operation, a look will be, welcome you new and old users to visit the company test machine investigation, visit the guidance.


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+86 15893717199