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The EEM wok is loaded and sent to Jiangsu

2024-06-07 Browse times: 53

June 5, Chike Machinery DCCZ9-16 medium and large electromagnetic frying machine shipped in Changzhou, Jiangsu! Thank the boss for choosing Chike Machinery electromagnetic machine, please pay attention to check.


Chike Machinery Electromagnetic frying machine frying grain, whole grains, dried fruit, nuts, puffed food and leisure food, very high degree of automation, the use of electromagnetic induction pot directly heating, heating fast, high temperature, edible salt and other media is not out of the pot cycle stir-fry, to avoid heat loss, energy saving and environmental protection; powerful intelligent temperature control system, temperature control precision, the pot temperature always consistent, save time and effort save labor, built-in frequency conversion regulator, temperature, speed, fire size, can be adjusted at will, easy operation, suitable for all kinds of materials frying.


The company has been operating speculation equipment for decades, and has rich experience in research, development and manufacturing.The equipment through multiple safety certification, environmental protection, reliable and durable.The design concept of automation makes the human-computer interaction of devices more simple.Make the maintenance personnel more convenient, energy saving and environmental protection, low equipment power consumption, the electromagnetic system makes the equipment without carbon emissions, is the ideal choice for you engaged in the frying industry.


+86 15893717199