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8 meters fried goods assembly line delivery in Anhui

2024-06-11 Browse times: 25

On June 11,2024, the delivery department was busy working. After more than a month of manufacturing by the workshop staff, the 8-meter assembly line frying equipment ordered by Anhui customers passed the test and delivery of the warehouse before the test. With the help of the forklift master, it installed the logistics car sent to Anhui and completed the delivery.


The 8 m assembly line electromagnetic frying equipment, It is fried melon seeds, peanuts, dried fruits, nuts and puffed food large fried assembly line equipment, It is equipped with lifting quantitative adjustable feeder machine, vibration screening machine and cooling bed and other supporting equipment, High level of automation; humanization design, The parameters setting is convenient and quick, Simple operation, Intelligent temperature control system, Accurate temperature control, Save time, effort and labor, At the same time, it uses the electromagnetic induction pot body directly heating, Mixed fry medium not out of the pot can be recycled stir fry, Avoid the loss of the heat source, energy conservation and environment protection, Low-cost consumption and power-saving consumption, High temperature is up to 400 degrees, High temperature, Fast in heating, Built-in variable frequency conversion adjustment system, temperature, speed, Fire power size, Can be adjusted according to the different roasted materials, Suitable for a variety of materials of batch frying, It is an energy-saving and environmental protection large-scale frying assembly line equipment, The company provides 2-10 meters of assembly line frying equipment, With material lifting equipment, pot cooling and vibration air selection equipment, Create an integrated intelligent assembly line frying scheme.


Thank Anhui customers for our support and trust, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival, a prosperous business, financial resources.


+86 15893717199